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Factory Town is a cute little production line game

The march of progress, baby!

"The twenty-tensies truly were a golden age for games about optimising production lines," future generations will say under their infrared-heated geodesic domes.

"The way was paved by games like Infinifactory and Factorio, smoothing the way for a flood of followers," one elder recalls. "Why, one month saw the launch of not only Satisfactory and Production Line but Factory Town too."

"What's Factory Town?" asks one of the huddled younglings, their eyes quivering with reverence.

"Ah, yes, I'm afraid the tomes about that one were amongst those devoured for sustenance during The Hard Times," sighs the elder. They look upwards in reminiscence then quickly back down, trying to unsee the cracks in the dome growing as waves pound overhead.

Factory Town entered early access on Tuesday. It's a bit 'Settlers-or-Civ-or-some-other-strategy-game-set-in-history-but-also-maybe-magic-idk-meets-Factorio', starting us out with wee workers we need to build a village for. Over time and tech trees, our cute rural farms and quarries will grow into mechanised metropolises, stamping clean lines of railways and conveyor belts across the once-chaotic countryside. And that's a good thing, okay? The march of progress, baby!

I've not had a go myself but have heard it's a pretty pleasant line 'em up so far.

The early access plan of developer Erik Asmussen is to add a few features and polish Factory Town over the next six months or so before hitting version 1.0 and launching. Unless he ends up increasing the game's scope in response to feedback, in which case who knows.

Factory Town is out on Steam for £13.94/€15.11/$17.99, which includes the 10% launch discount available for the next few days. Before this, Asmussen had sold a limited run of beta keys through Itch.io and said he does intend to resume selling it there, though he hasn't yet.

Twist ending: those future generations are actually robots.

Double-twist ending: this post is set in the same universe as this video.

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