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I Like This Fallout 4 Action Figure More Than Fallout 4

Removable power armour

I'm generally quite averse to game merchandise - I like to keep my flesh-life and my screen-life separate - and I have very mixed feelings about Fallout 4 [official site], but this action figure is making me rethink my approach to desk decoration. It's a semi-transforming power armour toy, containing a removable, boilersuit-clad Vaultdude within, and made by high-end figure firm 3A. I know we don't go in for game culture stuff here that much, but this is gosh-wow brillo.

The outer, Brotherhood Of Steel shell can be removed, in a way which seems to evoke the exiting-the-armour animation in the game, and underneath is the skeletal frame which anyone just starting out with power armour wanders about in. I can't quite work out if that too can be removed, but the pictures suggest most, of not all, of the Vault 111 jumpsuit has been moulded underneath it, so it's very real possibility.

There's also a honking great minigun and individually articulated fingers - I'm guessing this thing will be delightful to fiddle with. Only it'll probably cost about £300 so actually playing with it will probably be too frightening. It'd be lovely if they offered both dude and dudette variants, but I'm sadly presuming this will be bloke-only.

Makers 3A specialise in ridiculously detailed and articulated licensed action figures, with a preference for the mechanoid - Robocop 2, District 9 and Titanfall toys are also in the offing, and they also make ornate but non-transforming Transformers, which profoundly defeat the object but clearly do well enough as they keep making more of them.

No word on a release date or price yet, but my guess would be "2016, lots."

Pictures from Toyark (more at the link) via Kotaku.

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