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Fallout 4's Wasteland Workshop DLC Due Next Tuesday

Peek at all it'll add

The second round of Fallout 4 [official site] DLC will arrive next Tuesday, April 12th, Bethesda have announced. Like Automatron before it, the Wasteland Workshop DLC adds more bits and pieces to the current world rather than going somewhere new (that's being saved for the third pack). The Workshop will give survivors new things to build in their settlements, from decontamination showers to taxidermied monsterheads, and also trap creatures for gladiatorial combat (or any other nefarious ends which spring to mind). Here, have a peek:

Cover image for YouTube video

As you can see, settlements will get things like grow boxes and loads of new pretties, and traps will let folks... trap things. That's it. It looks like a small collection of mods, but hey, I certainly don't insist DLC be huge sprawling additions. If that's more what you're looking for, though, the Far Harbor DLC might be more your bag. Due in May, it'll travel to an island off the coast of Maine to investigate a missing woman, a colony of synths, and other mysterious things.

Over on the free side of things, official mod tools are due soon-ish (April was the last we heard). Bethesda are also publicly testing Fallout 4's new Survival Mode, which we've had a look at and quite enjoyed - though it could do with a little tweaking before launching properly.

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