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Fallout: New Vegas' director celebrated its 10th birthday with a charity stream

10 years on, war still hasn't changed

Fallout: New Vegas celebrated its 10th birthday last week. Can you believe the best Fallout game came out on October 19th 2010? 2010! To honour an entire decade of Obsidian's brilliant-but-buggy RPG, the game's director Josh Sawyer did a couple of charity streams to raise money for the California Wildlife Relief Fund.

Over the weekend, he managed to raise just under $24,000 (around £18,000) for the cause, all while beating up hordes of radscorpions with dynamite and answering questions about the game's development.

Here's the first vod from Saturday. Make sure you listen out for this excellent quote at the end of it: "Man, I forgot how many fucking scorpions we put in this thing."

Right from the get-go Sawyer is answering questions about New Vega's development. From the difficulties the devs faced when trying to make the first cutscene with Benny, to the many bugs they just couldn't iron out no matter how much they tried. He even affectionately refers to Obsidian as Bugsididan at a couple of points.

About 50 minutes into the first stream, there's some interesting chat about how long it took to make some of New Vegas' locations. Because the team only had 18 months to make the game, apparently the worldbuilding team only had half a day to come up with each location (and there are over 100 in the game).

This leads to a bit more chat about the time restraints. Turns out Sawyer had a bunch of designs for post-game content that they just never had time to implement. Not to mention the fact they just would've liked to test the game more.

He's using the JSawyer mod for this playthrough, which yep, he made and named after himself. As well as bug fixes, it actually makes the game harder by lowering your base health and carry weight, reducing the level cap and changing the karma system a bit. It also tweaks balancing for some items, and even adds a hardcore mode if all that still doesn't sound difficult enough.

If you fancy celebrating Fallout: New Vegas yourself and remembering just how good it is, we're convinced it's one of the greatest PC games of all time, one of the best RPGs to play on PC, and it even has one of the best couriers in PC games, too.

It's worth noting that the cool Fallout 4: New Vegas mod got a new trailer for FNV's birthday as well. It's essentially a huge recreation of New Vegas inside Fallout 4, and though it seems a while away from being done, it's already looking fab.

Fallout: New Vegas is even on sale right now on Steam and GOG. Both sites have the Ultimate Edition discounted by 60% for the next month, so you can grab it for the absolutley criminal price of £6/€8/$8.

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