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Far: Changing Tides sails into stores today

I'm already humming my sea shanties

I have to confess that I am waiting for the minutes to tick down to the end of my shift, because Far: Changing Tides is out today and I want nothing more than to take a rickety old sailboat out for an atmospheric glide across the seas. I can already smell the grease and the salt in the air. They're calling to me.

I was a huge fan of the previous game, Far: Lone Sails, and Changing Tides looks very much like more of the same. This is a compliment, because "the same" in this case is hopping around a delightfully characteristic vehicle in order to coax it along a journey through an equally delightfully characteristic world.

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Things aren't exactly alike between the two games, though, as Sam Greer explained in her Far: Changing Tides review. "Lone Sails felt like a game about the whimsy of travel but Changing Tides very much feels like a search for something lost," she wrote. "Or perhaps moving on from that loss."

The submarine is also apparently bigger and more complex than the last game's landship, meaning there's more to manage as you bob along to your destination. Plus, there are new surprises in store. Lone Sails was really an unexpected delight, so it's good to hear that developers Okomotive have managed to pull that feeling off again. Sam also reckoned Changing Tides was very good. Good enough for her to award it a Bestest Best, in fact.

Hold on, I've got to start downloading this right now. Be back in a sec.

Far: Changing Tides is available now on Steam, Humble, and the Epic Games Store. It costs £15/€20/$20.

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