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The wonderful Far: Changing Tides has a demo in Steam Next Fest

A game we awarded a Bestest Best rosette

If you can't wait a whole week until the launch of Far: Changing Tides, good news: it has a demo right now in the Steam Next Fest. The post-apocalyptic sailboat adventure is a good'un, our Far: Changing Tides review will tell you, but maybe you need a little more convincing? That's what demos are for.

Cover image for YouTube videoFAR: Changing Tides | Pre-Order Trailer

The follow-up to 2018's Far: Lone Sails (which was great) tells another tell of exploring a post-apocalyptic world in a giant scrap vehicle, this time trading the desert sands for wild water.

"Far: Changing Tides is another delightful little adventure but it feels like I'm underselling it to say so," Sam Greer said in our review. "Because it does surprise, especially towards the end, taking you to exhilarating places. Those little set pieces where you're not sure what it is your working towards until the last moment and then suddenly you see, with glee and excitement, what's about to happen next... that stuff is proper magic."

The demo is available now on Steam as part of Steam Next Fest, Valve's week long demo-a-rama with loads of peeks at upcoming games. We've already played some and have a dozen Steam Next Fest demo recommendations, with more to come across the week. Watch our tag to keep up with further explorations.

Far: Changing Tides is due to launch in full on the 1st of March on Steam, Epic. It'll cost £15/€20/$20 to buy, but also be available on PC Game Pass. Game's coming to Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox too.

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