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Fiends Reunited: Wasteland 2's Latest Planescape Vet

The wait for Wasteland 2 will be long, because the promise is great - but so's the risk. We don't really know what we're getting at this stage, or indeed from any of that first wave of Kickstarted game projects, but an announcement that another veteran of the delectably dark Planescape: Torment (plus Fallout 2) has joined the swelling development team at Inxile adds yet greater hope. Chris Avellone is already on board, and now so's one of his former comrades. Colin McComb was one of the designers on those Black Isle greats, and joins what's now a dozen-strong writing team on Wasteland 2, reports bossman Brian Fargo. McComb's also written a whole load of fantasy tomes that I can't tell you anything about, but you can find out more on here.

There's not been much news from the Wasteland pipe since the first image a couple of weeks back, but it's worth a browse of InXile's Wasteland inspirations Pinterest, which has all manner of post-apocalyptic imagery to hint at where their thinking's going with this new RPG. WARNING: includes an exceptionally ugly dog.

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