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Final Fantasy IX Coming To PC

Final fantasy fan favourite

Younger readers may find this hard to believe but, back in the year 2000 or so, when Square Enix announced a new Final Fantasy, everyone believed it was truly the last one. Each game sparked petitions and letter-writing campaigns from fans, begging Squeenix to reconsider and renew the series - especially after entries as nice as Final Fantasy IX [official site]. Well, not that I ever had a PlayStation to play it myself, but a fair few folks I follow on Twitter seem to have wet themselves over news that FFIX is finally coming to PC.

Unlike the recent uglified port of Final Fantasy VI, the IX coming our way looks a touch prettier, but it's definitely a tarting-up rather than a flash remake. That's fine! Have a look in this trailer, which has snippets of gameplay and its pre-rendered cinematics:

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So far Squeenix have only confirmed a Japanese release for this new port (also coming to pocket telephones), but I'd be jolly surprised if it doesn't come our way too. "Coming soon" is what they say about that Japanese release, and about what I'd expect for us too - a few months, tops, maybe even weeks.

Reader dear, did you participate in the 'Please Don't Cancel Final Fantasy' letter-writing campaign after playing FFIX? Might you care to share your letter (I'm sure you can remember what it said) with the rest of us? I imagine it contained a concise summary of what you liked about FFIX, along with a wee bit of embarrassing teenage oversharing? I imagine. Not that I'm suggesting a template for commenters to make up stories.

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