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The boys are back! Final Fantasy XV released on PC

(The boys are back)

Guess who just got back today? Them wild-eyed boys that had been away. Fifteen months after starting their journey on console, the anime boyband road trip stag party of Final Fantasy XV have finally arrived on PC. It's out now. The boys are back in town.

We've only just got the game ourselves so our review will take a while, though I'm sure we'll have plenty of shorter things to say soon.

The boys have picked up some shiny new bits on their journey to PC, picking up 4K support, mod tools, a yacht, a first-person camera option, and weird costumes including Gordon Freeman's HEV suit.

I talk a lot about boybands, road trips, and lavishly-recreated dinners but I suppose I should also mention that FFXV is also an open-world RPG about a prince questing to save his kingdom and the world and all that by fighting baddies and monsters in real-time action, for those weirdos who are more interested in that stuff than camping.

FFXV does have a demo so you can try the game for yourself. Or if you need a little more persuasion to try that in the first place, check out Katharine's preview.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is available now for £35/€50/$50 from Steam, Origin (which offers terrifying Sims outfits instead of the HEV suit), and the Microsoft Store (offering nothing in its place).

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