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Falderi! Faldera! Firewatch's Audio Tour Mode Out Today


That there Firewatch [official site] is already a chatty one but what if you want more? What if you want more people talking about more things? What if you want to know secrets? What if you want to know the horrors of Henry's hands? Then you'll want to return for the free new Audio Tour mode coming in an update today. Any minute now?

John talked with Campo Santo's Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin about the Audio Tour recently. It's more than just audio commentary, coming as a scavenger hunt of sorts. Henry will head out through the regular plot with his Walkman to listen to commentary tapes he finds and collects. It also has little kiosks detailing how bits of the game were made, including secrets of Henry's morphing first-person mega-hands.

Given that several Santoneers are in the Idle Thumbs podcast mob, I'm expecting some good chat.

A walking simulator mode, named Free Roam, is also in the works. It debuted with Firewatch's newly-released Xbone edition today, and Campo Santo say "we will be rolling it out to other platforms in the coming weeks".

[Disclosure: Look, I barely know anyone at Campo Santo. However. Years ago I did play Dota 2 with Sean Vanaman for a while. And at a barbecue Campo Santo hosted, I did lift up Vanaman, throw him to the ground, then stand on his chest yelling something about the importance of being considerate. It seems barely relevant but I thought I should mention it. Might have also necked their Baileys once. Okay, bye.]

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