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Firewatch's Steam Community Screenshots Are Beautiful

A selection to browse.

Firewatch is a first-person game about exploring the Wyoming wilderness as a fire lookout, which means much of your time is spent wandering through meadows, trundling alongside lakes and staring at vistas from clifftops. What keeps it interesting is how beautiful its environment is as you explore it at different times of day. Consequently, the game's Steam community screenshots are stunning - and without narrative spoilers.

The image above is by Steam user Lucy. You can find more screenshots like this on the game's Steam screenshot page or by flipping through using the arrow buttons above. Click any of the images to open them at their original size.

This image is by Steam user Your favourite Pussy. Yes. Remember you can click to make it bigger - it's as thin as it is when made small because it's a panorama made by stitching multiple screenshots together.

These lens flares were captured by Steam user NanoHunter oJ.

Firewatch's environments were almost entirely the work of one person, Jane Ng. Before joining Campo Santo she worked at Double Fine on games like The Cave, Stacking and Brutal Legend. You can see a collection of her work over here.

This image is maybe my favourite. Look at those purples. I played the game to completion and don't remember this, so maybe Steam user Fortification545 simply lives in a nice place and took a photo outdoors.

Ng has been tweeting little tidbits about the development of the game, including:

Olly Moss is a British illustrator. You may recognise some of his other work, which includes lots of popular unofficial movie posters and some lovely official Harry Potter book covers.

I can't feel my fingers because it's so cold in England today, but this screenshot by Steam user Isis is doing its best to warm me up.

Ng's tweet also mentions that when it came to lighting, she mostly made sure that the sun position was accurate to 1989 Wyoming. She was mostly kidding, but did link this excellent tool for calculating the position of the sun by location and time. Unfortunately the sun never shines in England.

Steam user Fortification545 returns. This image is 3842 pixels wide and 1026 pixels tall, which means if you have a dual monitor setup then it will make for an excellent desktop wallpaper. I know from experience, because I'm using it right now.

OK, this is from Fortification545 again. This person can decorate my house if they like.

Last one from Steam, otherwise we'll be here all day, and this is another from Steam user Lucy. Time to sleep.

You can find more of these screenshots on the Steam screenshot page for the game. There aren't really any spoilers in the screenshots, other than for environments.

Last one from Steam, but Adam suggested we should include this GIF of the wonderful first-person animations as seen in terrifying third-person:

Good idea, Adam. Now, if you're tempted, you can read our Firewatch review over here.

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