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Fortnite Battle Royale now whizzing bottle rockets all over

Ooh! Aah!

In the spirit of lunar new year, Fortnite Battle Royale today set off oh so many fireworks. Its weekly content update has added the new 'Bottle Rockets' item, which is more extravagant than it sounds. When set down and sparked, this deployable doodad will spit 45 fireworks over 9 seconds with mild abandon, damaging players and structures caught in the broad target zone. It's a weapon of suppression and distraction, I suppose, but also fireworks. Are fireworks not reason enough? Why fight when share the innate same human desire to turn our heads to the skies, alternately coo "ooh!" and "aah!", and gulp down chemical smoke?

Look at these explosions:

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You see how they work: throw 'em down, they rain fireworks a short distance away within a small area, and they hurt whatever they pop on. Each firework isn't hugely damaging--only 10 to a person and 40 to structures--but that can add up with enough fireworks. Seeing as each block fires 45 rockets, players can have 2 active at the same time, and they're only Uncommon rarity, that could be a heck of a fireworks show even if it's not immediately deadly. I know I'd certainly panic if someone were launching barrages of fireworks at my shack.

Today's update also scattered campfires across the world, which are similar to the Cozy Campfire item but are always set up in specific spots rather than deployables to throw down. Find one, light it, and heal all nearby folks. Each campfire can only be used once, so if you find a burnt-out one you'll know someone has been through here. As if the ramps, holes in walls, and ransacked chests weren't hint enough.

Epic are now experimenting with running limited time modes for shorter durations, rotating "every couple of days" rather than the usual week or so. They say this will "allow a more diverse amount of modes to be available over the course of a week." This kicks off today with Wild West Duos, where the only weapons are rootin' tootin' ones like hunting rifles, shotguns, dynamite, and, returning from the vault of removed items, the revolver and double barrel shotgun.

See the Fortnite version 3.70 patch notes for more on everything that hit the game today.

Hey, have a song:

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