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Forza Horizon 4 is getting a route creator in this week's update

Forza fun of it

I definitely have too much to do in Forza Horizon 4. I’m a bit smitten with it, and consequently I’ve spent more time with it than any other racing game since Burnout Paradise, but my map is constantly overflowing with races and events. I can't drive a few meters without bumping into another dirt race or cross-country exhibition. This week’s update adds yet another distraction, this time in the form of a route creator that lets you craft your own races.

Pull up to the start of a pre-existing race, and from there you’ll be able to chart a new route just by driving along, manually placing checkpoints as you go. There’s a huge gulf between what a turn looks like on a map and what it’s actually like when you’re driving, so using the car seems pretty sensible. Take a gander at the video below to see creative director Ralph Fulton’s walkthrough of the editor.

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I keep forgetting all about Horizon Stories, the game’s chapter-based campaigns, but the update throws another one into the mix. British Racing Green will put you behind the wheel of historical cars as you chart a century of going very fast. You’ll need to be level 50 to start, and you’ll be rewarded with a new chat phrase, some unique clobber and a Bentley 8 Litre.

A bunch of cross-platform and PC-specific fixes are also in the update, including general stability improvements, Drivatar tweaks and prettier grass when you choose the extreme procedural quality setting.

The update is set to appear on October 25.

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