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Forza Horizon 5's confirmed car list is enormous

Including two Hot Wheels

I don't know my carburetor from my timing belt drive pulley, so much so that I had to Google "car engine parts" in order to find a second reference for this sentence. The Forza Horizon series mostly operates on my wavelength, letting me be excited by cars because they're shiny and have smooth lines and go fast, without me needing to know their innards.

The list of cars so far confirmed for Forza Horizon 5 might mean different things to you than it does to me, then. To me it means that the Jaguar XJ220 I had as a toy when I was 8 is in there, but maybe you have opinions about different kinds of Land Rover.

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Playground Games posted the list of confirmed cars earlier this week. After the Jaguar, the car I'm most excited about being included is probably the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker. You see where I'm coming from? I'm looking forward to finding an Audi in a barn, like a toy down the back of a couch cushion.

It's not that the Forza series doesn't allow you to dive inside the engine and smear yourself in grease. It's that it absolutely doesn't care whether you do or not. Horizon is a festival, and most people at a music festival are there because they like how music sounds, not because they want to look at Logic Pro.

All of these cars will be viewable as always in Horizon's Forzavista car exploration mode, which does let you pop the hood and admire the [checks Google] exhaust manifold gasket. This mode will have raytracing in FH5 though, so to me it's just making the cars shinier than ever.

Playground say that the list will be updated with more cars between now and release, which is due on November 9th.

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