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Forza Horizon 5's second expansion, Rally Adventure, will get dirty this March


Forza Horizon 5 announced its second expansion this evening as planned. Rally Adventure will launch on March 29th and is entirely focused on getting your wheels dirty. You'll find the announcement trailer below.

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Rally Adventure will feature "the largest number of racing events of any Horizon expansion", according to the announcement. That includes new Dirt and Offroad events, street-style Night Rally events, and "technical, high-speed Asphalt Rally." It sounds as if there are eight races and once you've completed all three new events there's a special "Goliath route".

Horizon games take a pretty casual approach to the realities of racing, which might be why the trailer above features copious scenes of your car smashing through scenery undeterred. If you do want to keep your car on an inside line, you'll have a co-pilot calling out approaching turns, although they'll be flying above you in a helicopter rather than in a seat alongside.

All of this is taking place in Sierra Nueva, a region which includes several new biomes, including a desert, grassy hills and a palm forest, as well as a new town and an abandoned quarry. I'm a tourist, so that's what I'm interested in, but there are also new cars and rally car parts to unlock if you actually care about the vehicles as much as the pretty scenery. The Forza site has all the details.

The first Forza Horizon 5 expansion, which added skybound Hot Wheels tracks, was pretty good. Fingers crossed Rally Adventure is, too.

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