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Fractal Design's trendy new Ridge SFF PC case gets its first major discount

A great choice for Mini ITX gaming or media PCs.

fractal design ridge pc case
Image credit: Fractal Design

Fractal Design's Ridge case is one of the best recent SFF (small form factor) releases, with a skinny design that can nonetheless support a surprising range of high-end hardware. The case debuted at $130, but spikes in demand pushed it north of $150 at many retailers. Today things are swinging the other way, as Newegg has knocked $20 off its MSRP to bring it to $110.

Fractal Design is well known for their airy mid-size and full-size cases, and the Ridge brings that same ethos to the Mini ITX form factor with venting on almost every face, plus a stylish fabric front panel in a 6mm-thick, CNC-machined aluminium frame.

The 12.6 litre case, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally, comes in black or white and features decent front I/O with two full-size USB ports, USB-C and a 3.5mm combo jack. Two 140mm fans are also included, alongside a PCIe 4.0 riser cable necessary to install modern graphics cards; three further 80mm fans can also be installed for additional airflow.

Speaking of graphics cards, GPUs up to 335mm in length are supported, with up to triple-slot designs accommodated if you're prepared to lose your fans - though dual-slot cards are probably a better fit. Similarly, CPU coolers up to 70mm are supported, which allows for a decent range of low profile options in this position.

Reviews of the case suggest great thermals despite the modest dimensions, although fan noise is unfortunately more audible here than on some other SFF designs (and full-size cases). The building experience is quite easy, with the ability to remove every panel to provide easy access to all components, and the inside is well laid out so there's little confusion or contusions necessary to get everything plumbed up.

In any case, a $20 discount ought to bring the Ridge into consideration for more price-conscious buyers, and it's well worth considering while it's on sale.

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