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Free new monster Deviljho crosses the sea into Monster Hunter: World today

In Monster Hunter's world, greens eat you

DEVILJHO! An oddly fun name to say, though you'll probably be exclaiming it with a little more panic than that, as this roaming slab of angry teeth and spikes is now wandering Monster Hunter: World. Deviljho presents a new set of problems for those working their way through upper and high ranked hunts - it largely does as it pleases, and what pleases it is fighting everything.

Deviljho looks like an awful hybrid of a cucumber, a cactus, a crocodile and a tyrannosaur. Deviljho has far too many teeth. Deviljho is probably just around the corner. Prepare for Deviljho.

When I said that Deviljho likes fighting everything, I mean it. This predatory rage-machine will pick a fight with anything it sees, and has the horrifying ability to pick up and swing smaller bosses around (roughly Great Jagras scale) like a terrible improvised meat-club. It will just outright devour some foes, and feed on just about any fallen monster it comes into contact with. As with all other monsters there's full armour sets and tons of weapons to be crafted from Deviljho, and much of it is focused on doing rapid damage to wyverns and elder dragons.

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Fun fact: Deviljho's Japanese name roughly translates to "Evil Joe"

Fortunately, unless you're a good ways into the game, Deviljho won't just be stomping around, eager to ruin your day yet. You'll need to have completed the "??? Rathian" story investigation, and after that you'll find this new enemy lurking around at random in six and seven-star quests, plus high rank expeditions. There's also an Assignment Quest to hunt the prickly pickle called "The Food Chain Dominator". Oh, and if you think Deviljho is nasty normally, there's an event quest coming later that brings a Tempered version of it to the game, and it's a nightmare to fight.

Deviljho is out now and is the first of four known monsters headed to the PC version of the game. For a peek at the rest, check out Dave's handy guide to the horrors-to-come here. Kulve Taroth aside (who appears in regular events) the new monsters are permanent additions to the game.

Update: And now Dave has delivered a guide to hunting the all-devouring cucumber monster itself, as part of his larger series on stabbing giant lizards. Is there anything that man can't do?

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