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French Voice actor leaks "Tunnel Rodent" card details from next expansion

Our first look at one of the new cards coming with this year's final expansion.

It looks as though the actor who provides the voice of Hearthstone's Innkeeper in the French version of the game client has given us our first look at one of the new cards from the next expansion (thanks, Reddit).

If the community translation is accurate, the card in question is called Tunnel Rodent.

A video from the recording session was originally posted to Twitter by actor Pierre-Alain de Garrigues but has since been deleted. Here's a screenshot of the tweet though, which roughly translates as “Gift! New Hearthstone recording...not the Innkeeper this time!”

Further on in the Reddit thread a commentor provides an approximate translation for the video which accompanied the tweet. You can view the video itself over at Reddit.

“I'm about to voice a new Hearthstone character, Tunnel Rodent - he's new, he likes explosions," he says at the start of the clip.

Community speculation suggests that the voice work which follows indicates damage being randomly split between enemy entities. The video then concludes with the card's Deathrattle cry.

We've even got a quick snapshot of the card art which you can view below. It may of course just be placeholder art at this moment in time, but for now it's our first visual indicator of both the card itself and the theme of the upcoming expansion.

Hearthstone's seventh full expansion has yet to be detailed officially by Blizzard, although it's expected to be confirmed at the publisher's annual BlizzCon gathering in Los Angeles next month. We'll be bringing you all of the latest announcements as soon as they're made!

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