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Friday The 13th: The Game decapitates its dedicated servers

Not quite dead.

Three years after its premiere, grindhouse 1v7 teen-smasher Friday The 13th: The Game has finally been defeated. This month, Gun Media are shutting down the multiplayer stab 'em up's dedicated servers for good. But like any good movie monster, the game isn't quite gone for good, and will shamble along for the foreseeable future through peer-to-peer matchmaking.

Lead community developer Matt Shotcha broke the news over on the game's forums, admitting that Friday The 13th's servers will go blank sometime later this month.

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The death of the servers won't be the end of the game, however. In the post, Shotcha explains that the game will "revert back to peer to peer matchmaking" for quick-play. Private matches will also remain available, and database servers will remain online for the time being, protecting any progression and unlocks earned. There'll be one final patch this month to tidy up some bugs. After that, everything from forums to social accounts will go quiet alongside the server shutdown.

Friday The 13th will remain on sale, and the current double XP, CP, and Tape Drop rates set for the pandemic will remain active indefinitely.

The news comes two years after plans for future content were scrapped following problems with the series' license agreement. While Friday The 13th was, by all means, a smashing, slashing, asymmetrical murderfest, the game was caught in the midst of a scuffle between the original film’s producer and the current rights-holders, leaving them uncertain whether they could continue working with the IP.

I never played Friday, mind, but it's always a bit rubs when a multiplayer game teeters into the grave. It's just fortunate that folks who were well into the game will remain able to play it for the foreseeable future. If only my own dear Hawken were so lucky...

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