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Friday The 13th is boosting all players to max level ahead of its removal from sale

Unlock the gates

Asymmetric horror multiplayer game Friday The 13th will be removed from sale at the end of the year due to an expiring license. Later this week, however, an update will boost all players to max level and unlock a bunch of normally gated content for everyone so as to "reduce the dependence on database servers."

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Developers Gun Media announced the update on Twitter. While it may be for technical reasons, it's an extra incentive to give the game a go before it begins to disappear.

The full list of changes coming this Thursday, July 6th, includes making 30 Legendary Perks available to all, boosting all players to level 150, unlocking Challenge Skulls, all Jason's Kills, and removing the ability to earn XP - which would previously have gated access to the aforementioned.

Last month, Gun Media reduced the price of Friday The 13th to $5 and all of its DLC to $1 in light of its impending death. That said, while it'll be removed from sale on December 31st 2023, it should "continue to function through at least December 31, 2024," its developers say. That might in part be because its dedicated servers were shut down in 2020 and it has relied on peer-to-peer multiplayer since.

Friday The 13th was released back in 2017 and bucked a trend by being an action game based on an '80s movie franchise that didn't suck. Adam (RPS in peace) called it "occasionally tense and often hilarious". I imagine it would have found greater success if Dead By Daylight hadn't beaten it to the asymmetric horror punch by about a year, while being flexible enough to support multiple movie monsters.

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