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Friday the 13th's 1v7 teen horror slashing into May


1v7 horrorshow Friday the 13th: The Game [official site] will launch on May 26th, developers IllFonic announced over the weekend. I'm not saying it's illegal for them to not wait until Friday the 13th of October but it is immoral and we should have laws against this. IllFonic have turned the slasher movies into an objective-oriented slashfest where a team of teens at summer camp need to avoid and fend off Jason Voorhees while they try to secure an escape route or get help. The initial release will be multiplayer-only, with singleplayer due to follow this summer. Here, having a look at these stabbings (and burnings, headcrushings, carpunches...):

Your man Jace wants to murder teenagers, see. The teenagers find his intentions conflicts with their own plans for their time at Camp Crystal Lake (and beyond), so they decline to comply. While Jace roams around using his supernatural powers to track and murder teenagers, the younguns try to escape or get help. They might repair the phone system to call the rozzers and grass Jace up, fix a car and drive away, or repair a boat to cross Crystal Lake - the usual sorts of ambitious plans that tend to end in impalement.

Teens can also fight back. Jace might be nigh-on immortal but give him enough of a kicking and he'll feel it. So off you all go, scampering around procedurally-generated maps to scavenge, hide, fight, and repair, while the Jace player attempts to collect your skulls for coffee table talking pieces.

Your two awkward comparison options are: Dead by Daylight with a wider scope and more variety; or Battlegrounds but smaller and mostly cooperative and also with a ghostman and character perks and persistent progression and no attempts at realism and a lot more fleeing. Option 2 is admirable in its inelegance, if you ask me.

The eventual singleplayer is due to recreate parts from the movies, and AI bot buddies are planned too.

IllFonic say the game will cost $40, which I imagine will translate to £30 and 40€.

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