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Fruits Of Their Labour: Arkham Oranges Intros Firefly

A trailer a day keeps the dread lord of games at bay, that's what we say here at RPS. If we don't, he'll rise again to wage terrible war upon our castle, PR-catapults firing besuited fast-talkers at our poor, potholed walls. Our defenses are meek and few what with the great Sir Botherer's new steed not yet full grown and aged knights Sir Rossignol and Sir Smith having defected to Germany. Thank the heavens, then, that Batman's swooping down with our neatly packaged, 1080p deliverance.

The Batman games have a special place in my heart alongside the Mass Effect series of "stuff I played when I had the time and will to do it for 16 hours a day." Arkham Asylum and City rank up there in my best of all time so I'm pretty excited for this. The switch of developer has worried some, but I see no reason to be alarmed based on everything we've seen so far. Trailers and other pre-release materials are made to sell games, yes, but these all look of the same quality and style as their predecessors. If anything, I'm looking forward to seeing what that glorious combat and visuals engine can do with a few fresh hands and brains at the helm. And how about that multiplayer.

You'll be able to buy Arkham Origins absolutely god-damn everywhere on October 25th.

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