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I've said pretty much everything important in the headline but I suppose I should do a few words in the box of our CMS to prevent it flipping out and so search engines can robo-read it or whatever it is they do with their robospiders. Fugl [official site] is a game about experiencing life as a voxel bird in a procedurally-generated voxel world.

Just a voxel bird...
Livin' in a voxel woooooorld!
She took a swoopy flight

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From the game's Steam Greenlight page:

  • Become one with the wind and soar high among the mountain peaks
  • Flap your wings and make a high speed run inside the deep valleys and canyons
  • Explore vibrant jungles, icy landscapes and mystical caves
  • Join a flock of birds
  • Land anywhere and take a relaxing break from the flying
  • Observe the emergent behaviour of the wildlife as the animals go about their day

  • Meet and interact with the many creatures inhabiting the infinite world
  • Absorb the abilities of creatures you meet; land on water like a duck, hover in the air like a colibri, gain eagle sight, breath fire like a dragon
  • Join flocks of creatures
  • Be a friend or a foe and see the wildlife react to your actions
  • !!!!!

    According to the comments on the Greenlight page, which is still being used for communication despite Greenlight now being defunct, the developer is hoping for an early access release soon. They say they're aiming for this month although that's not confirmed, it's more of an intention at this point.

    I wish I was a voxel bird.

    Although, so far today, I have also wished I was an ant, a caterpillar, a scorpion-human hybrid with a gigantic claw and a stinging tail, a bear, an ice cream truck owner, and a cat.

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