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Reviews Roulette: The one with the monkey bird and daddy issues

Father, do you love me?

There is no complaint more sure to induce eyerolls than ‘too many games’, but here we are. There are too many games! It’s not coming from a place of entitlement, but guilt: I’d love to give every Steam key we receive a proper chance, but time limits me to the familiar/most bribe packed.

That’s where Reviews Roulette steps in. It’s our new regular video ‘show’ (inverted commas to manage expectations that this is not some Netflix-quality extravaganza) where the RPS video department take the codes that arrive in our inbox, play them for ten minutes apiece and decide whether we’d like to see more of it. That’s the pitch, and this is the result…

Cover image for YouTube video

We’ve actually made a few of these episodes - you can find them all in the video tab of the site. Or, if you don’t want to swivel your eyeballs to look all the way up there, you can click here. And it turns out that the fine people of the RPS Words Department have looked at these games, too. Over in John’s Art Sqool review you can see him wrestling with the game’s meaningless art evaluations. And the mighty Tim Stone opens the hood (?) of Plane Mechanic Simulator and offers the perspective of someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

I hope you enjoy this thing we have made for you. If you really liked it, I would point those of you with a YouTube account towards this link where you can subscribe to the channel, and not have to rely on these sporadic site posts to see that yes, we are actually making videos. Would it be outrageous of me to ask you to like the video while you’re there? It helps teach the YouTube algorithm that we’re good eggs, which means the horrific monkey-bird will be pushed out to the unsuspecting public. What a hoot that will be. Well, hoot/screech.

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