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Gamesplanet are having a big RPG and adventure game sale this week

Spend £8 / $8 and you'll get The Council: The Complete Season for free

Gamesplanet's 15th anniversary celebrations continue this week with a big sale on adventure and RPG games. Running until March 26th (that's this Friday), there are over 400 games going cheap at the moment, including 50% off the BB Boys walking sim Death Stranding, 72% off The Banner Saga trilogy and 58% off Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire to name just a few. You can also get the complete season of The Council if you spend more than £8 / $8, too, which is actually pretty great if you ignore its bonkers ending.

All you need to do to get your free copy of The Council is enter the promo code RPGPARTY at checkout when you buy a game worth at least £8 / $8 from the adventure / RPG sale. The code is valid until the end of the sale at 8.59am GMT on March 26th, and it probably goes without saying that you can only use it once.

I enjoyed The Council when I played it back in 2019, even if its plot goes massively off the boil in the middle of the fourth episode. Until that point, it's a neat detective game about a secret society of world famous leaders who meet up to change the course of history, and its RPG-led dialogue options let you exploit their personality traits to gain new clues and info. It's brilliantly done, and it could have been a detective game for the ages if it wasn't for that terrible, terrible ending.

Still, it's definitely worth playing the first three episodes if you're getting it for free, and here are some hand-picked highlights from the sale that will help you get it:

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