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Gamesplanet's Summer Sale has over 2300 games on offer

With new deals every day

Hot off the heels of Epic's big Summer Sale, the folks over at Gamesplanet are also splashing out on some hot game deal action today, as they too have started their own Summer Sale with over 2300 games on offer. This one isn't quite as long as Epic's, running from today until August 3rd, but with new, 24-hour flash deals being added every day, there's plenty to get stuck in with. Read on for our sale highlights.

A lot of the deals listed below are all part of Gamesplanet's 24 hour flash sale for today (23rd July), so if you spy something you've been sitting on the fence about then be sure to grab it today as these prices will likely change by the time tomorrow rolls around. Indeed, some of the flash deals, such as 35% off Maneater, are actually better than what you'll find over on the Epic Games Store and Fanatical right now, so it's well worth keeping an eye on it over the next week and a bit to see what crops up.

Indeed, some of the flash deals for tomorrow (July 24th) include 71% off Two Point Hospital, 50% off Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night, 73% off Ghost Recon Wildlands, and 72% off Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, while Day 3 (July 25th) will see the likes of Battlefleet Gothic Armada II, Steel Division II and Age of Wonders: Planetfall get some deep discounts as well.

I'll admit, there are a lot of game sales on at the moment, and keeping track of all the best deals can be tricky. If you spot anything particularly juicy, be sure to share it in the comments, and remember, as well as Gamesplanet and Epic's summer deals fests, Humble are also running a Daedalic Games bundle at the moment, and Fanatical have a Build Your Own Assassin's Creed bundle offer on as well, as well as plenty of other great game deals in their own right, including 20% off Death Stranding and 15% off the lovely Röki.

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