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Garry's Mod Earns $22m, Gives Most Of It To The Taxman

The amount of money a game/software developer makes shouldn't really be the first thing you say about them, but sometimes you've got to make an exception. For instance, Garry's Mod developer Garry Newman, who recently revealed that his physics-abusing, face-mutilating Half-Life 2 mod has brought in $22 million to date. It's about time he and Notch had a riches-off, I think. While I don't think anyone could claim he's not in the Sickeningly Wealthy bracket, he does claim that the lion's share of this doesn't reach the Gmod team's gold-lined pockets.

"Over 7 years GMod has made about 22 million dollars," he revealed in a community Q&A. "We get less than half of that though" - which I would imagine refers to the tithe Valve take as Gmod essentially depends on their engine and characters. Valve exist in a place far beyond Sickeningly Wealthy, needless to say. "Then the tax man gets a bunch of that. Then when we take money out of the company the tax man gets a bunch of that too."

Good lord man, get a better accountant. I'm pretty sure you can afford it.

So that's the wringing of hands and weeping at the cruelty of the universe out of the way. More importantly, what's next for Garry and his team?

"Hopefully we’re gonna get the Linux version out. Then hopefully we’ll move to SteamPipe, and I’ll get the NextBot stuff hooked up.. then I want to do another Gamemode Contest. But I want to knock out a bunch of gamemode creating tutorials first to help people get their foot in the door." Fine, fine - but bigger than that is the reveal that "We are starting work on a new PC game." Hmm!

Given we know how the guy has a fair few resources to call upon, this could be something really, really big. He's not giving any details yet though, bar "It’s a game I’ve wanted to start work on for ages."

Good luck, sir. And do please spend your infinite money wisely.

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