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GATV Free On Steam Today!

Not GTA: V

I apologise. While that title is technically correct, I will understand if you found it misleading. There are clues: the letters are in the wrong place, the image shows Saint's Row IV and not Grand Theft Auto, and there's the fact that it looks it's suggesting a game that costs a hundrety billion krugerrands is being released for free on its release day. That was never going to happen! Those were all hints. So what is this? GATV is free DLC for Saints Row IV. Like the original SR, it cheekily rides on the coat-tails of GTA, but in name only.

It's a Johnny Gat costume, allowing you to dress up like the real star of the Saints Row series. It also comes with additional guns: a .50 cal rifle that blasts people off the ground, and a knife launcher that's actually pretty grim. Seeing the cluster of shivs sticking out of the bunny's stomach gave me a tiny pang of sympathy pains. It also comes with an Aisha costume.

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You'd best be quick, though. After September 18th, you'll have to buy it. But at least it's available on the PC. Eh, Rockstar?

Quick poll: who ordered/intends to buy GTA:V on the consoles? I have it. I'm really keen to try the multiplayer, even if does have a ridiculously low player cap. 16 people in that huge world? APB had hundreds!

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