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Get 20% extra off Amazon Warehouse items in the UK

Some great deals to be found on PC components, peripherals and more.

Amazon is running one of its periodic Warehouse sales, offering a further 20% off the listed price at the checkout on a wide range of used items. This has historically been a great time to pick up PC components and peripherals in like new condition for much lower than new prices, so let's see what we can find, shall we?

First, let's check out the 'PC and Video Games' section. As you might expect, there are a lot of more console-adjacent things - game controllers, an Xbox Series S, a Switch - but also some greaT PC options, including a Logitech G Pro X headset (£29.61) and G Pro Wireless mouse (£43.42). Similarly, you can pick up the legendary HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset for £37.91 or the recently-released (and critically acclaimed) Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for £233.02 (compared to £330 new!!). These were all in the first few pages of this category, so I'll leave you to plumb the depths and save myself more pages of HTML.

The 'Computers and Accessories' section provides more computer-y and less game-y options. There are printers, network cables, SD cards, headsets, keyboards and steering wheels. (Actually, £125.77 for a Logitech G920 steering wheel and pedals is kind of incredible. Only one left though!) Corsair stuff seems to come up quite freqently - there are 11 hyper-fancy SP120 RGB fans available at £11.63 each and a Corsair RM650x PSU for £51.41, both good deals given their UK retail prices for new models. Also, a Blue Snowball Ice for £29.75 is darn cheap, as is an AOC 24G2U 24-in 144Hz gaming monitor for £111.58. Once again, I could go on, but I can barely see my actual words amongst all of these long-arse URLs in the RPS CMS, so I'll bring things to a close here.

I hope you found this quick round-up useful - and do share in the comments below if you find any particularly good bargains! I'll go for another trawl later and update this post if I find anything myself. Thanks for checking out the article and we'll see again soon for another hot RPS deal!

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