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Get $40 off a Cooler Master 550W PSU in white with this Amazon deal

$60 is a great price for a fully modular 80+ Gold PSU that can handle RTX 4060 Ti, RX 7600 or Arc A770 GPUs.

We rarely cover power supplies when it comes to RPS deals, and when we do they're almost always massive 800 to 1000W units that are suitable for top-end systems - but not exactly what the average PC gamer needs in their rig. Today we're righting that (minor) wrong, as we feature a 550W power supply slapped with a healthy $45 Amazon discount - bringing it down to $60.

The PSU in question is the Cooler Master V550 Gold V2, an 80+ Gold rated unit with a semi-modular design that comes in a fetching white colourway. It's well-rated by reviewers and suitable for mid-range systems, and thanks to this limited time deal it's way cheaper than anything else similar on the market!

Power supplies are fairly straightforward in concept - AC wall power go in, correct voltage power go out to your components - so let's instead take a look at what kind of systems you can run with this kind of a PSU.

In short, Nvidia recommends a 550W PSU for its RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 graphics cards, so you're covered up to what I would call the lower-mid-range of the current RTX generation. Nvidia's PSU recommendations are normally based on an extremely high-end CPU, so if you're using a more modest CPU like a Core i5 or Ryzen 65W part, then you'd likely be able to squeeze in an RTX 4070.

On the AMD side of things, the RX 7600 is the only current-gen card to fit under a 550W recommended spec - the other cards in their lineup are the high-end 7900 XT and 7900 XTX - but if we look at the last-gen options, you could easily use an RX 6650 XT or potentially even an RX 6700 XT given that the AMD recommended spec is 650W.

Finally, on the Intel side of things - good news! Their highest-gen option, the Arc A770, fits neatly into the 550W spec, so the A750 and A380 would work just fine too.

Overall then, there's certainly scope for a decently powerful system with this 550W PSU - so have a look at a PSU calculator website like that from Corsair, Cooler Master or Seasonic, put in your computer's components and see whether you come in under spec. And if you do, consider picking up this Cooler Master V550 Gold V2 - it's a solid choice at this price.

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