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Get a 1000W EVGA power supply for $140 (normally $190)

A great deal for an 80+ Gold modular PSU with rave reviews.

Howdy partner. There's something of a power supply showdown right now, and no one knows who's gonna blink first. Newegg dropped their price on the EVGA Supernova 1000 G6 PSU to $140, and Amazon followed suit soon after. That's $50 below the usual price of $190, and a historic low for this model.

If you've got a high-end system - or you're planning to pick up a power-hungry next-gen graphics card when they launch later this year - then this is an awesome upgrade.

This particular power supply gets strong reviews, with an A 'best in class' rating on the influential Cultists PSU tier list - itself an continuation of the LTT Forum tier list - which is a strong mark of quality. They describe it as 'the best Seasonic-made PSU on the market, ironically not sold by Seasonic themselves', with high ratings for its silent operation, build quality, compact size and excellent cables.

Other reviews come to similar conclusions - this is a reliable and high-grade PSU. Now, most people don't necessarily need 1000W - but if next-gen GPU rumours are to be believed, we could be looking at raised power targets across the board, with the highest-end examples like the unannounced RTX 4090 rumoured to have a 600W TDP - a massive increase over the 350W RTX 3090 and even the 450W RTX 3090 Ti (that we recently reviewed here).

Anyway, if you need a whole lotta power, this ought to be your GPU of choice. It's cheaper than basically any other big brand PSU, which go for $165 minimum, while offering better performance than many other models. If that's not worth a stern handshake, a silent nod and a sincere recommendation, I don't know what is. Yeehaw.

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