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Get a 14TB WD Elements external hard drive for £247

Just 1.7p per gigabyte.

WD makes a truly incredible number of hard drives and SSDs, and today one of them is on sale: the WD Elements 14TB external hard drive. This incredibly massive drive has been reduced from £311 to £247, a 21% reduction on one of the very largest external hard drives available.

Looking at Amazon and other retailers, this is by far the cheapest option for a drive of this size. Seagate's 'Backup Plus Hub', which has two USB ports but is otherwise similar, costs a whopping £355, while WD's more professional looking WD My Book 14TB is £285. Even internal hard drives, like those from Seagate and Toshiba, are all around £280 to £390 for this size, so £247 is a really good deal - it works out at just 1.7p per gigabyte, if my maths is correct.

This particular WD Elements drive is a desktop model, so it requires both a USB 3.0 connection to your computer and external power. That's a bit of a drag, but sadly you don't tend to get the physically smaller hard drives that can go without external power in capacities as high as 14TB. Regardless, the drive is still reasonably portable and you could easily take it with you if you needed to.

I use a WD Elements drive myself at home, where I've set it to back up my computer's media drive on a schedule, making it harder for me to lose everything if my internal hard drive fails. My parents have a drive also, and just use it to copy photos of our dog from one laptop to another - important work!

If you also want to back up copies of dog photos, store all of your Steam games or otherwise just hoard a lot of data, then this 14TB drive is a great option - especially in a post-Chia world where hard drives prices have become a little wild.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, and have a great day or night wherever you are. We'll see you next time.

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