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Get a 27-in 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor for $200 today after a $150 discount

A crazy-low price for the well-reviewed Lenovo G27Q FreeSync monitor.

The current sweet spot for gaming monitors is simple: 27 inches, 2560 by 1440 resolution, 165Hz refresh rate and FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility. That gives you a sharp image, good fluidity for fast-paced games and the technologies to smooth out uneven frame-rates with little input lag - and all at a reasonable price. These sort of monitors normally cost around $300, but today retailer Antonline is selling the well-reviewed Lenovo G27Q for just $200 - after a mega $150 reduction.

I think it's the best monitor deal I've seen for months, so let me tell you more about it.

First, some background info. The Lenovo G27Q-20 debuted last year and was already one of the cheaper 1440p 165Hz monitors available, yet it doesn't lack for quality. It uses an IPS panel that offers a 3ms GtG response time, about average for monitors of this type that don't have 'Fast IPS' or 'Nano IPS' branding. That means TN panels have an advantage in motion handling and VA panels offer better contrast, but you still get the traditional strengths of IPS: wide viewing angles and great colour reproduction (including 99% sRGB coverage). This makes these sorts of monitors pleasant to use outside of games - eg watching movies, editing photos and surfing the web.

In short, to get a significantly better experience, you'd be looking at a high-end VA panel like the one on the Samsung Odyssey G7, or more exotic technologies like monitors with OLED panels or Mini LED backlights. This is about as good as it gets for a $300 monitor - and this one is $100 cheaper than that, which just blows the mind.

Looking at comparable monitors on Amazon, they're all in the $300+ range. Even the venerable LG 27GL850 is $372 right now, although the broadly similar 27GN800 is $297. If we widen the search from 'monitors we recommend' to 'literally any monitor that matches the specs', there's a Pixio PX277 Prime monitor that is $260 - but I'd take the Lenovo option any day over this, especially when it's $60 cheaper. Nothing else even comes close to this $200 deal, although if you do spot something somewhere I'd love to hear about in the comments.

So: a solid gaming monitor at the current sweet spot for price versus performance, at a crazy-good $200 price for a brand new monitor.

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