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Get a 34-in gaming ultrawide for £240 with this Samsung Store code

A hugely impressive price for a 3440x1440 100Hz gaming monitor.

Want to get an ultra-wide Samsung gaming monitor for less than £240? It sounds a bit too good to be true, but it's possible thanks to the code 48HR20 over at Samsung's UK site, which knocks this 34-inch ultrawide down from £299 to £239. That's an awesome price for a monitor with a 3440x1440 resolution, 100Hz refresh rate and a VA panel with excellent contrast.

The ViewFinity S50C has excellent specs for the price, coming notably cheaper than other 3440x1440 100Hz options and much less than more modern 3440x1440 144Hz models. 100Hz still offers a much better experience than your standard 60Hz in terms of responsiveness, while being easier to achieve with a mid-range or entry-level PC too.

The spec is one I've used in the past for a while, and it's a nice upgrade over a standard 16:9 screen - and one supported by a growing percentage of excellent PC games. I recently played through Diablo 4 on a Philips Evnia ultra-wide, and found it hugely immersing thanks to that wider aspect ratio and deeper blacks of that screen - something you'll also be able to experience on this VA panel model.

Looking elsewhere online, even "budget" brands don't offer anything close to this at the sub-£250 mark, with the closest option being a £280 LG option that's the same physical size but a lower resolution (2560x1080) and a lower refresh rate (75Hz). It's no contest, really - this Samsung monitor is way better, as you'd normally have to spend £300 or more to get anything like this spec!

I think this is a cracker, so do take advantage of the deal while it's available. Thanks for joining me, and stay tuned for one more deal tonight and another couple of deals tomorrow to close out the week!

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