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Get a Corsair 4000X PC case + H100i Elite Capellix 240mm AiO for £170

That's around £245 worth of equipment, both in gleaming white.

White PC builds seem to be on-trend these days, as brands finally get the memo that colour options are appreciated. If you like the sound of that, today's deal on a Corsair 4000X PC case and H100i Elite Capellix 240mm AiO from Ebuyer in the UK is ideal, providing the two most prominent components of your build in gleaming white - and at a considerable discount. Normally the case costs around £110 while the cooler is a further £135, so you're saving around £75 here by buying this bundle versus buying the items separately.

I've had the pleasure of using both Corsair PC cases and coolers over the last few years, with my current build using the larger (but nearly identically designed) 7000D Airflow and 360mm H150i Elite LCD. Both components have served brilliantly in the year or so I've had them, with the cooler providing good thermal results with pleasant RGB lighting, and the case being the best I've used thanks to its sensible design, attention to detail and easy-to-build nature. I've got both the case and cooler in black, so this white bundle ought to offer an even more unique look if you're into that - I love how RGB lighting interacts with shiny white components, and with RGB fans provided with both the case (3) and the AiO (2) you have the perfect starting point for an eye-catching design - whether you opt for full rainbow unicorn stylings or something a little more restrained, like a nice single colour?

This case and CPU cooler combo is a strong one, but if you just want the case then I have another deal for you. Right now you can pick up the thermals-focused Corsair 4000D Airflow for just £90 at Amazon, a small but decent £10 off its usual price and a good deal overall. Just two fans are provided here and they're not RGB, but you can easily slot in some cheaper RGB or non-RGB fans and still come out ahead, assuming that you don't also need to pick up a CPU cooler. Otherwise, the combo deal above is your best shout!

What do you think of this deal? Let me know in the comments and thanks for joining me once again for an RPS dealio. Stay tuned for a couple more deals each day this week, and keep your stick on the ice!

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