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Get a critically-acclaimed optical mechanical keyboard for £52.79

EVGA's Z20 also comes with a full-size UK layout and RGB.

The EVGA Z20 is part of a new breed of mechanical gaming keyboards that use optical switches, reducing the latency of inputs and raising longevity to seriously silly levels. It normally costs £130, but its price has been dropping steadily on Amazon UK - and now it's reached a new low-water mark of £52.79.

The EVGA Z20 received surprisingly good reviews from various outlets, despite its affordable price. The keyboard was called 'an outstanding mechanical keyboard' by RTings, who noted its build quality, ergonomics and wrist rest, while others noted the 4000Hz polling rate provided a small but measurable decrease in input latency compared to the standard 100HZ - probably best reserved for competitive usage though, given its small impact on CPU performance.

I personally quite like the column of macro keys on the left side of the board, which were present on some of the most famous gaming keyboards of all time but are somewhat less common in an age of commoditisation. The gamer stylings are also not so brash as to be annoying, with the default RGB backlighting of course also allowing single colours or being turned off completely if you prefer. Finally, the volume wheel is a great addition for a full-size board, and may quickly become a must-have feature for future keyboards.

In any case, this is a brilliant deal - it's rare to find a good name-brand mechanical keyboard for around £50, much less one with optical switches, a full UK layout and a fairly comprehensive list of features. Whether you're a collector looking for your next permutation of mechanical goodness or a newcomer looking for a solid starter keyboard, this discounted EVGA Z20 ought to hold a lot of appeal.

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