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Get a massive 4TB Crucial NVMe SSD for £299.99 after a £90 discount

That's just 7.5p per gigabyte, a great value for a drive of this size.

You know what's quite lovely if you can afford it? Having a truly massive hard drive or SSD. Back in the day, I was over the moon when I picked up a 750MB drive for my gaming PC - I could do a full install of Civilization 2! And have room left over for X-Wing Alliance! These days, PC storage offers slightly larger capacities, but the thrill of having a really giant drive remains as strong as ever.

That brings me to the subject of today's deal post: the Crucial P3, a 4TB (!) NVMe drive capable of 3500MB/s sequential reads, is down to £299.99 at Amazon. That's a £90 reduction from its usual price, and an incredible deal for one of the biggest NVMe SSDs on the market.

Note that the 1TB and 2TB sizes are also discounted and cost the same £75 / TB.

So what are the uses of such a large NVMe SSD? Well, my boss Rich over at Digital Foundry can't get enough of these things, as they're perfect for capturing - and editing - high bitrate video files, like the 4K videos we capture for our YouTube channel. Moving these giant files, which can be up hundreds of gigabytes each, takes a long time even on fast SATA drives - so NVMe drives are the way to go, with this modestly-priced P3 being up to seven times faster than even the fastest SATA drives. If you regularly deal with any kind of large file, especially for work, then NVMe SSDs can be a massive time-saver that make your job so much easier.

As well as offering greater sequential speeds - and a high capacity to match - these drives also offer speed advantages when it comes to game loading times. This P3 is rated for 650K IOPS reads and 700K IOPS writes, which is around 70% the speed of the very fastest PCIe 4.0 drives - not bad for a PCIe 3.0 drive that is on the cheaper side of the spectrum due to its use of QLC NAND and an SLC rather than DRAM cache.

Of course, apart from its performance, this 4TB drive also has another important function: making you giggle when you look at My Computer and see 3.84TB of unclaimed SSD storage. What a feeling. I picked up a 4TB WD Blue SATA SSD when one was discounted last year, and I still get unaccountably cheery when I see how much space is still left over - not having to carefully micromanage your storage is such a blessing.

The Crucial P3 hasn't been reviewed by Rock Paper Shotgun as of yet, but the likes of Tom's Hardware, Tech Advisor, PC Mag and PC World all rate it highly for its real-world performance, five-year warranty and of course the value. And with a £90 reduction today, the 4TB P3 has never been a better option!

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