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Get a triple pack of Corsair's RGB magnetic levitation fans at 29% off

Legitimately good fans for airflow, plus synchronised RGB lighting.

Corsair's ML (magnetic levitation) fans are a popular choice for system builders, thanks to their high RPM range, good cooling performance and better durability than traditional designs. The latest edition is the RGB Elite, which offers improved acoustics over its predecessors, and it's this one that's been discounted at Amazon UK today. A triple pack with an iCUE Lighting Node Core normally costs £85, but today that price has dropped to £60 - a 29% percent reduction. I reckon this is a great shout if you're planning a new build or upgrading basic case fans, and in fact I've even placed an order for my own PC.

Looking at the historic data, these fans have been either the full retail price or out-of-stock for the six months that they've been available - this is the first major price drop ever recorded. You can get cheaper RGB fans, of course, but my experience here is that going for a name brand option makes a ton of sense. I picked up one of these no-name budget alternatives a couple of years ago, and was very happy with their looks and performance - until I realised that the fans had absolutely no way to adjust their speed; they were essentially stuck on full blast at all times because they completely lacked a PWM or USB connection. I eventually switched to a similar triple pack of Corsair fans, and my ears have thanked me every day since.

There are other brand name options though, so let me tell you a little more about why these fans in particular are worth considering. First up, performance. Respected and very German outlet Igor's Lab recently evaluated the fans in their impressive test chamber and concluded that the fans were a strong choice, thanks to impressive thermal performance, low noise and effective RGB lighting. Compared to their reference fan, the Be Quiet Light Wings, the Corsair fans achieved better efficiency, represented as greater airflow at the same RPM value, as well as lower noise levels across the RPM range. They noted the fans were effective both in radiators and as pure case fans, directing a good amount of airflow without requiring excessive fan speed.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, these case fans also impress. The RGB lighting is clearly visible on both sides of the fan, which is not always the case - more poorly designed RGB fans tend to put all of their RGB lighting on one side of the fan, leaving the other looking plain and drab. Corsair's RGB ecosystem is also among the most developed in PC gaming, and these fans with the included six-device RGB controller will allow you to sychronise lighting between Corsair RAM, coolers, case fans, keyboards, mice, headsets, mouse pads and more. The iCUE software is among the most powerful on the market, allowing for complex programming, but accessing basic effects is still straightforward.

So, if you're already in Corsair's ecosystem or you just fancy a triple pack of premium magnetic levitation RGB fans, these are a good option at the discounted price. I'm always on the lookout for alternatives though, so feel free to speak your mind in the comments below if I've missed an even greater option. Thanks for joining me and we'll see you next time!

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