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Get a warmly-reviewed HP 144Hz gaming monitor for just £129, some £60 off its regular price

The 24-in HP X24ih is unparalleled at this price point.

The HP X24ih is an awesome 24-in budget 144Hz monitor, and today it's available for £60 off its regular price - just £129.97 - from Currys PC World. To get this price, use code FNDDGAMING at the checkout to knock £5 off the price and secure free next-day shipping.

As well as being a good deal in terms of the raw specs - 24-in 1080p 144Hz monitors normally cost closer to £150 - the HP X24ih in particular is one of the best available thanks to a deep feature set and a great IPS panel.

Let's cover the features first. The HP monitor has FreeSync support for variable refresh rate gaming on PCs with AMD or Nvidia graphics cards (plus consoles like the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One); this eliminates screen tearing and judder without the input lag penalty of traditional v-sync. The stand is also exceptional for a monitor of this price, with tilt, swivel and height adjustment to keep the screen dead-centre in your vision. There's also a 100x100 VESA mount option if you'd like to use your own arm mount.

Thankfully though, looking at the screen off-angle isn't a big deal, thanks to the wide viewing angles and great colour accuracy of the IPS panel used. The screen has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, about average for IPS, and the 330 nits of brightness isn't sufficient for HDR but still fine for use with SDR content in bright rooms.

For playing games, especially fast-paced ones, motion handling is really important and here the X24ih does great. Its pixel response times are really low, keeping fast-moving objects in focus, while low input lag will give you a competitive advantage against foes with slower screens or TVs in fighting or FPS titles.

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Finally, the 24 inch screen size is perfect for the 1080p resolution - going any larger will result in a slightly grainy looking picture. Being 1080p also means that you don't need a high-end or even mid-range graphics card to get high frame-rates in most games, and instead your CPU will most often be the limiting factor. That's good, because CPUs are much easier to find at RRP, and there are plenty of great options right now like the Core 11400F for Intel or Ryzen 5600X for AMD.

In short, this is a pretty great monitor for the money, and definitely worth picking up if you're after something that won't hold you back in fast-paced and competitive games like Counter-Strike, Valorant or Call of Duty Warzone.

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