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Get an MSI RTX 3080 Ti OC for £1054 with code at CCL

The cheapest overclocked RTX 3080 Ti we've seen so far.

Looking for a GPU? The RTX 3080 Ti offers comparable performance to the RTX 3090 while costing far less, and today there's an OC model available at the card's UK RRP. It's an Ventus 3X OC model from MSI, with a hefty triple-slot thermal solution that ought to keep the card cool and quiet even running at its factory overclocked 1695MHz.

To get the discounted price, use code SAVE75 to knock a healthy £75 off the list price. That brings it down to £1054, just £5 more than the UK RRP and a great deal for an OC model. You also get free delivery, with the card slated to arrive just after the upcoming bank holiday.

What else is there to say about the RTX 3080 Ti? This card offers around nine to 13% faster performance than the RTX 3080, putting it within a few percentage points of the much-more-expensive RTX 3090. However, this card lacks the absurd 24GB of VRAM of the 3090, packing instead just 12GB. That's more than enough for gaming, but content creators working with tons of 4K video footage may prefer the 3090 instead.

If you're on more of a budget, then the regular RTX 3080 is also worth considering. It costs less, with the cheapest examples - like this Inno3D Twin X2 OC model - costing around £780. That makes the RTX 3080 the better value overall, but depending on your use case either could make sense.

I think that just about does it for now, so thanks for joining me and be sure to let me know what deals you're on the lookout for in the comments below. I just might be able to write an article just for you next time!

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