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Get an RPS-recommended Razer gaming chair for £155 off

Plus a free Razer Kraken X headset and Deathadder Essential mouse.

The Razer Iskur is a rather excellent gaming chair if you're a relatively tall person or a normal-sized cat - or at least so says Katharine in her review. This premium chair normally retails for £500, but today Ebuyer have discounted it to £345, and they're also throwing in a pair of Razer peripherals to sweeten the deal.

So: the freebies first. You're getting a Razer Kraken X headset in white and the Razer Deathadder Essential mouse in black. The headset has an RRP of £50 but normally retails for £30, while the mouse also has an RRP of £50 but tends to go for around £20. So you've got at least £20 of free Razer gear to go along with your gaming chair, which seems like a pretty decent sweetener. Both peripherals are also quite good to use - the Kraken X is light but comfy with decent sound for gaming, while the Deathadder Essential is missing a few nice-to-have features like RGB but delivers an ergonomic right-handed shape and a reliable optical sensor.

Now for the chair itself. Katharine's review has all the details after three months of use, but based on my own time with the chair I'd say that the extra lumbar support works well, the wide seat is comfortable for sitting cross-legged if you fancy and you can lean all the way back when you want to space out and listen to an audiobook for a while or something.

Razer suggest that the chair is suitable for folks up to 136kg / 21 stone, with suggested heights ranging from 5ft 6in to 6ft 2in, so it should suit many people if not quite the shortest or tallest.

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I reckon this is a good price for a gaming chair of this quality, so do consider it if you're in the market - and no hard feelings if you prefer an office chair - I do too!

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