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Get five high performance Arctic P12 case fans for £23

An unbeatable price on already great value, no-RGB fans.

The Arctic P12 is one of the best value high-performance case fans - and now you can get five for £23, some 20% off their usual (already good!) price.

These fans come in black without RGB for a stealthy look, can be daisy-chained to make cable management easier and can be controlled via PWM from 200 to 1800RPM. In terms of performance, every review I've found mentions their great value, but they also detail whisper-quiet performance at low RPMs.

You're getting a similar level of quality to the likes of Noctua's NF-F12, but at a dramatically lower cost. In fact, at £19, a single NF-F12 costs about the same as five of these fans with today's discounts. That's absolutely crazy. These savings can really add up, especially if you're using a larger case or big radiators that can accommodate a high fan count!

If you'd prefer an RGB-enabled alternative, you can get a more advanced P12 in a three pack for £29. This model supports RGB lighting - rather fetching, as RGB fans go - and a 0db mode, allowing the fan to stop rotating to allow perfect silence while component temperatures permit. The level of value here isn't quite as strong, but they're still a good value option with better features than the majority of cheap no-brand RGB fans that you tend to find. (I once ordered some high-rated fans on Amazon, installed them in my case... and realised that they completely lacked a way to set their speed, either manually or via PWM. They sit on my shelf to this day, unused...)

So: good fans, exceptional value, and perfect for anyone planning a new PC build.

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