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Get MSI's 360mm AiO CPU cooler for £70

The MSI CoreLiquid 360R is unbeatably priced - and a 240mm option is also available.

Right now a combination of a Box discount and an Ebay voucher code are making two MSI AiO liquid CPU coolers extremely cheap. The 360mm CoreLiquid 360R is down to £60 when you use code AUG15, while the CoreLiquid 280R is down to £52 using the same one. This is a massive reduction from their original prices and a frankly unbeatable deal for a liquid cooler with decent fans, RGB lighting and good thermal performance.

We actually covered the 280mm version of this fan back in June, when this size was available for £50. As I described back then, there is a reason that this particular model is being discounted so heavily: namely, this model had some teething troubles at launch, resulting in some negative reviews:

Basically, some early units had some reliability issues, and stopped working after a few months. MSI acted somewhat quickly to replace the affected units, but the negative press meant there wasn't much interest in the CoreLiquid 280R afterwards. MSI's since come out with a replacement, the C280 and the S280, but there are still a bunch of perfectly capable CoreLiquid 280R coolers sitting around doing nothing. Now, those units have been discounted to clear the shelves - and you can take home an underrated CPU cooler that should perform as well as models that cost twice as much.

Box and Ebay are both relatively good with returns, so in my mind the incredibly low prices make up for the slight element of risk here. However, if you would prefer something with a less spotty history, then there are plenty of other good options - admittedly, at much higher prices.

Anyway, I think this post and the previous one linked above more or less cover this deal, so thanks for reading and do let me know if you have any questions! I reckon this is an awesome choice if you like the look of an RGB AIO, and the cooling performance should be capable of taming even high-end parts like the Ryzen 5950X without too much trouble.

Cheers folks, and we'll see you on the next deal soon!

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