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Get Razer's solid Kraken multi-platform headset for £28 (50% off)

A great price for a headset that originally retailed for £80

The Razer Kraken is the gaming company's staple headset, and has seen constant revision over the years - including a new version in 2019. It's become a solid entry-level option, retailing for around £55, but today the Kraken has reached new depths thanks to a 50% off coupon at Currys PC World in the UK. Now you can pick up this multi-platform headset for just £27.50 with code SAVE50.

The Kraken is a pretty straightforward headset, with a wired 3.5mm connection that allows it to connect to pretty much any PC, console or mobile device on the planet. The headset is stereo by default, but you can use Windows Sonic, DTS or Dolby Atmos on Windows or Xbox to add surround sound; 3D Audio performs a similar role on PS5.

Beyond its wide compataibility, the Kraken is just a solid performer, with a comfortable fit, lightweight yet relatively sturdy design, and a reasonably professional design that straddles the line between 'work-friendly' and 'gamer', especially in the neutral black colourway that's discounted today.

Sound quality is also good for a headset at this price range, with a V-shaped response curve that heightens bass and treble at the expense of mids, which suits most games and music just fine. The mic is surprisingly good too, especially if you're used to the somewhat compressed sound typical of more expensive wireless headsets. Here, the 3.5mm connection is a real asset, as you get a mic that sounds natural and clear - probably not good enough to record a podcast on, but certainly more than sufficient for shouting at your teammates to revive you in Apex Legends.

The Kraken is an all-around decent performer at its orginal price point that became something of a popular low to mid-range option at its more usual £55 price - but at £27.50, it's an absolute bargain that blows other headsets at £40 or less out of the water. The build quality, the comfort and the sound quality are all appreciably above other budget headsets, so take advantage of this 50% off SAVE50 coupon while it lasts!

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