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Get the critically acclaimed Corsair 4000D Airflow PC case for 33% off

The deepest discount we've ever seen on one of Corsair's post-refresh PC cases

Corsair have gone from one of the worst mainstream PC case builders to one of the best with their latest design refresh, which has so far included the mid-size 4000D, bigger 5000D and full tower 7000D. Today, the 4000D is on sale at Scan for nearly £30 off, making it a great time to build a new PC or move your system into a more modern case.

The reason the 4000D was so well received by the PC building community is based on how easy it is to build in and the much improved ventilation provided to internal components like the CPU and GPU. This case includes two fans placed in 'channels' that direct airflow towards these components, and up to six 120mm fans can be fitted throughout the case. You can put up to a 360mm AiO in the front or up to a 280mm AiO in the top, giving you plenty of cooling options. Cable routing is well looked after with plenty of tie points and velcro straps, and the case looks good to thanks to its tempered glass window.

There are three variants of the 4000D; the deal is for the airflow-focused model which comes with cool and effective triangular mesh on pretty much every side. This is the style I'd personally recommend for most people, as providing your components with plenty of fresh air gives you the option of achieving very low temperatures at moderate noise levels, or dialling down your fans a bit to become near-silent without raising temperatures too much. The glass-fronted 4000D, conversely, only gives you the latter option.

The more recently released 5000D and 7000D are also worth considering, as they pack in a few added niceties within their larger dimensions, but these models were released more recently and therefore we haven't seen any big discounts on them just yet. For reference, the 5000D Airflow is retailing for around £113, while the brand new 7000D Airflow costs £225.

What do you think of this deal, and what cases do you recommend? Are you looking for PC case deals, or is this category a non-starter for you? Let us know in the comments below; the feedback is always helpful!

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