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Get the critically acclaimed Xbox Wireless Headset for £85

It's been out of stock for months, so getting it under RRP is outstanding

Microsoft's official Xbox Wireless Headset is one of the best value wireless headsets for PCs and Xbox consoles alike, and it's finally back in stock at Currys PC World after months of unavailability. If you use code GAMINGFND3, you can also get it for £5 off with free next-day delivery, dropping it to an attractive £85. If you're playing on Xbox and PC, or on PC with an Xbox controller, it's a very solid pickup for the money.

The XWH (as I affectionately call it) ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to wireless headsets. It's comfortable, with a lightweight design and moderate clamping force, its battery lasts for a solid 15 hours and it's pretty good at blocking out distracting noises. Its controls are great too, with the entire right ear cup rotating to serve as a volume dial and the left earcup adjusting the mix between your two (simultaneous!) inputs. This dual connection is a pretty rare feature on headsets of this price range, and lets you do stuff like listen to music on your phone while playing games on your PC, or chat on Discord while playing on an Xbox.

The headset connects wirelessly to Xboxen, but to use it on PC you have a few options. The best one is picking up the Xbox Wireless Adapter, a £30 USB dongle that allows you to connect Xbox controllers (and this headset) to your PC through a low-latency 2.4GHz connection. (If you game on PC with an Xbox controller, you really owe it to yourself to pick this up!) You could also pair the headset via Bluetooth, which means a higher-latency connection but most modern PCs and laptops won't need a dongle. Of course, you can also use the headset wired via USB-C, although at that point you might wonder why you didn't choose one of the many excellent PC gaming headsets available.

In terms of sound quality, the Wireless Headset is great but not outstanding. Its bass-heavy sound signature is perfectly suited for bombastic action games and electronic music, and if you adjust the sound in the Xbox Accessories app on Windows 10 or Xbox you can achieve a more balanced sound that sounds good in everything from music to movies and games.

The mic lacks adjustability but produces good results when it's in the right position, and again its auto-mute and monitoring levels can be adjusted in software. The XWH is a stereo headset out of the box, but you can use surround sound mixes from Microsoft, Dolby or DTS if you prefer (Dolby and DTS trials are available, with Atmos available for free 'til October.)

Altogether, I reckon the Xbox Wireless Headset is a great alternative to more premium fare like the Arctis 7 and HyperX Cloud II Wireless, matching or exceeding them in features, build quality and usability, while costing significantly less - especially at this reduced price. If you've got (or plan to get) an Xbox Series X or Series S, then it's a no-brainer - just remember to use code GAMINGFND3 to get it with free next-day delivery for £85.

What do you think? Have you got this headset or are you considering it? Let me know in the comments below - I'm always interested to read your thoughts!

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