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Get this $150 JBL wireless gaming headset for $60

A nice $90 discount, courtesy of Woot.

JBL are well known for their speakers and other audio products, so it's not really a surprise that their Quantum series of gaming headsets tend to offer pretty excellent sound, with an apparent focus on immersion and simulated surround. What is a surprise is that the company's Quantum 600 wireless headset is down to $59.99 on Woot, a nice $90 reduction from its current Amazon price of $149.99.

I've not tested out the Quantum 600 myself, but I have checked out the similar Quantum One wired headset - and it was pretty impressive, especially in terms of its comfort and surround sound capabilities. Like the One, the 600 comes with modes for both competitive and immersive gaming, with a better-than-average microphone and a comfy design that does look a little too gamer-y for my tastes. Still, the Quantum 600 wouldn't look out of place next to most gaming mice and keyboards these days, so I don't think this ought to be a dealbreaker for most people!

Reviews of the Quantum 600 are broadly positive on every retailer we checked, while in terms of critical reviews outlets like SoundGuys noting its wired/wireless connectivity options and intuitive controls, but docking it in terms of its comfort, fixed mic and inconsistent frequency response. The mic certainly didn't bother me on the One, but the headset does have a high clamping force that can take some time to ease to a comfortable level, so I think their criticism is fair here. Likewise, the inconsistent frequency response is disappointing on a $150 headset, as it sounds good in games but not great for music, but at a $60 price point I feel it's a fairly acceptable sacrifice. Still, you should check out reviews before committing to any headset purchase, so do your due diligence before ordering these!

For my money though, if you want a feature-rich wireless headset with a focus on immersion, you're unlikely to find much better at this price point even amongst the world's best gaming headsets!

But that's just what I think - so I'm curious to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading and we'll catch you again next time!

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