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Get up to 40% off PC peripherals at the SteelSeries Member Madness Sale

Heavily discounted headsets, mice and keyboards at their global store

SteelSeries is currently running one of their seasonal Member Madness Sales, which offer up to 40% off their rather excellent peripherals in exchange for signing up for an account on their site. We've done just that to bring you word of the best sale items available inside...

Before we get into the highlights, please note that this sale is available to the US, UK, EU and many other regions that can access the SteelSeries global store - but for the sake of convenience we'll just share the UK prices. You should see similar discounts in the currency of your choosing!

SteelSeries Gaming Headset deals

Let's start with Arctis headsets. All three are great choices for PC gaming, thanks to their comfy ski-goggle-style headbands, convenient controls and surprisingly good sound quality. The discounted items available include the Arctis 5 (essentially the wired version of the Arctis 7, one of our top headset recommendations) and the Arctis Pro (a higher-end model with a focus on audio quality). The Pro is available with or without the SteelSeries GameDAC, which makes the headset way easier to tune on the go and also boosts the sound quality by abandoning your PC's built-in DAC (which is probably not great, statistically speaking). However, all three are great options in their price bracket, and at up to 40% off I'm sure you'll be very happy...

SteelSeries Gaming Mouse deals

a photo of a beautiful RGB gaming peripheral, specifically an Aerox mouse
Wow, even RPS fanzine PC Gamer likes the Aerox 3. | Image credit: SteelSeries

Next up we have some mice. I don't think Katharine's had a chance to test out the brand new Aerox mice, but they're nifty ultra-light models with flexible cables, top optical sensors, excellent build quality, fetching lighting and a comfortable design. (I'm a fan!) SteelSeries are also discounting their Rival (ergonomic right-handed) and Sensei (ambidextrous) mice; Katharine has recommended the Rival 310 and Sensei 310 as great budget options in the past and are definitely worth a look.

SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard deals

a photo of a beautiful RGB gaming peripheral, specifically an Apex Pro keyboard
I haven't figured out how to get my Apex Pro to float spookily in space like that, but I'm sure it's possible. | Image credit: SteelSeries

Finally we have keyboards. I'm also big fans of these, as they come with a built-in OLED display in the upper right corner, which you can use to check your stats or change your keyboard settings in-game. The Apex Pro comes with optical switches, allowing you to set exactly when a key press is registered - allowing you to change the keyboard between an ultra-sensitive gaming mode and something more standard for typing, for instance. The Apex 7 and 7 TKL use standard mechanical switches instead, allowing it to retail at a lower price. All three keyboards offer great build quality, good software and that unique OLED display, so they're worth considering if you're in the market for a mechanical!

There are also mousepad, controller and accessory deals as part of the sale, but we don't have time to break down each one here. For now then, we'll wrap things up.

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