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Gigabyte's 4K 120Hz HDMI 2.1 monitor is discounted at Newegg

Down to $600, with a $20 gift card and free copy of Outriders

4K 120Hz monitors with HDMI 2.1 ports were meant to come out last year alongside next-gen consoles and graphics cards, but the recent human malware epidemic has meant that they're only just reaching the market now. The first few models we've seen have retailed for nearly $1000, but today you can pick one up for considerably less.

Newegg are selling Gigabyte's brand new M28U for just $600, and they're even throwing in a $20 gift card and a copy of the 'wildly entertaining' PC game Outriders. That's a stonking deal for the specs on offer, considering that even older 4K 120Hz monitors without HDMI 2.1 have typically retailed for $700 or more - and the very few HDMI 2.1 alternatives available so far, like the LG 27GP950, have all cost $900 or more when they've even been in stock.

The Gigabyte M28U has a lot going for it. The monitor's based around a 28-in 4K IPS screen, covering 94% of the DCI P3 colour space and getting bright enough to qualify for a DisplayHDR 400 certification. It's limited to 120Hz 4:2:0 over HDMI 2.1, the maximum refresh rate supported by the PS5 and Series X, but you can push up to 144Hz on PC using its DisplayPort 1.4 connection. Motion clarity should be great, thanks to a 1ms GtG (grey to grey) response time and FreeSync/G-Sync support.

All of that is just based on the core specs though, and Gigabyte have also included a few unique features. The M28U is described by Gigabyte as "the world's first KVM gaming monitor", which is a fancy way of saying that you can control multiple PCs with a single mouse, keyboard and monitor. This is super handy if you've got a second computer, tablet or smartphone at your desk, as you sometimes see used by streamers or people that just like watching the Office while grinding away in games. There are also the usual Gigabyte features - a black equaliser that brightens dark scenes to make spotting enemies easier, an overlay that shows your PC's stats and options for various timers and crosshairs, and picture-in-picture modes.

So, it all seems pretty promising! We haven't tested the Gigabyte M28U ourselves as it's just been released, but if you're after an HDMI 2.1 monitor for your PC and console gaming needs, this $600 Gigabyte monitor is the best deal we've seen yet.

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