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Giveaway: 10 copies of Endless Space 2

Enter for a chance to win

Fraser gave Endless Space 2 [official site] a hearty recommendation in his review yesterday, praising the scifi 4X for its quirky races, its economic systems, and its efforts to breathe life into the musty corners of the genre. Now we've got ten copies to giveaway, and you can enter for a chance to win one below.

Endless Space 2 is being described as more of a sequel to Endless Legend than to the original Endless Space. That's no bad thing, since Endless Legend was our favourite game of any kind in 2014. The game is all about steering your race of aliens to explore and perhaps dominate deep space, while dealing with the varying political forces that makeup your populace.

We're running this giveaway as a raffle. Entering via the widget below, which can be done multiple times, enters your name into a big virtual hat. Next Tuesday we will draw ten names from this virtual hat with our virtual hands and then send the winners a key via email in the days after. There are three ways to enter: subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us on Twitter, or through Facebook. The latter requires a Facebook account and granting some permissions to the Gleam app; sorry, but this is necessary to stop bots and key resellers stuffing the ballots (or at least reduce the number of them).

RPS Compo: 10 copies of Endless Legend 2

Gleam don't use your data for anything else and you can remove the Facebook app's permissions after entering. RPS won't use your email address for anything other than sending you your key should you win, and we toss it away into the ether after 30 days. If you already follow us through the above services, that's OK, the app will recognise as such and still count your entry.

How to redeem your code

1. Download, launch Steam and create an account.

2. Once logged in, go to the 'Games' dropdown menu at the top, then click 'Activate a Product on Steam'.

3. Enter your key when prompted. Download and play!

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